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For clients with very technical requirements, we offer architecture planning, enterprise security, application integration, package implementation, enterprise applications, production support, resource augmentation and dedicated development centres.

From our conception as a general outsourcing service to the finance industry, we continue to provide back-office services to an array of clients, and our team is actively taking on new work.

Trade Reconciliation Automation

We specialise in automating the entire reconciliation process for multiple financial instruments with Prime brokers, vendors and market data providers. We do automation of P&L, cash & transaction based reconciliations.

Excel and Microsoft Office Automation

Work with detailed spreadsheets to specific client requirements. Build automation using VBA and .NET, integrating with the entire suite of MS Office products. "Slice and dice" data and generate various reports in a variety of formats including visuals.


Build custom reports including profit and loss analysis and performance attribution from a variety of data sources in different formats using reporting technologies such as MSI, Crystal Reports and Jasper Reports.


Develop custom financial applications using the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform.

Operational Support

Back-office operations support. Trade reconciliation processing with 24/7 application support.

Website Development

Design and develop websites, create audio and video streaming, secure client logins with portfolio updates on the website, downloadable monthly newsletters, quarterly reports and so on.

Application Integration

Different financial institutions have different off-the-shelf products, spreadsheets, prime brokers and systems. We build software applications that integrate them, using technologies such as XML and web services.

Intranet Portal

Develop secure intranet portals for companies to share information. Features include common calendar, contacts, a repository for forms and documents, automated workflow approvals, email notifications, reports, task management, corporate surveys, reviews and content managed Wikis.

Please contact us for details and pricing of our back-office and automation services.

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